The Ad-Venturers Goes Avillion

Book Size: 8 x 11 inch
Pages: 40
Design Style: Comical Scrapbook with Thematic Content


This is the second book for The Adverts Venture’s company trip collection – this time, it’s extra special for this happy bunch as it’s the founders’ (Jeffrey and Crystal) wedding celebration!


It was a very short trip to the beach at Avillion, Port Dickson and the newlyweds would like to keep it simple. However, not letting this day to end without a blast, the kids brought their own props and decoration to make sure this is one of the most memorable day in their lives 🙂





To make it extra special, I’ve designed 10 empty templates for each member of the team to pen their warmest wishes for the couple. Truly an “one-and-only” photostory book for Jeffrey and Crystal!

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