Cathrine & Edison

If you are couple planning on a wedding, I am sure that some of you may come across some very frustrating situation while dealing with the photo selection process.

There are always loads of restrictions and these are the two most common issues that couples had to bear with:

  1. Limited photo selection
  2. No special designs allowed

Well, they can all be solved by some paper with heads on it. Unreasonably lots of them.

Cathrine was my high school mate. She had a beautiful pre-wedding shoot at Taiwan. Her photoshoot was pretty awesome, but one huge issue was about to ruin the big picture:

Her bridal house will only design her album in this way:

It was a 30-page portrait album but most of her photos were shot landscape. For her package, she was only given 30 photos hence there was no way she could fill up all pages, without paying a fortune for it. (If you are getting married soon, I am sure you will come across all sorts of reasoning, from the printing cost till photos impossible to be meshed beautifully)

I totally understand the reason why bridal houses are operated in this manner. It’s a great deal of work to design an album and I think they have way too much to cope with. It’s just the nature of their business.

Most couple will just go with the flow. But people like Cathrine values what’s beautiful to the eye. After spending thousands on a package, you can’t really let a simple thing like album design be a pain in the eye for the rest of your life.

Luckily, she came across some friends who introduced my design services. I was quite happy to design for her as I think her photos were really gorgeous! It will be a waste if it was not edited properly!

It was indeed a challenge. I had never created a 30 page album with only 30 photos >_<. Challenging, but not impossible 🙂




They loved this Taiwan 101 spread. There were two photos selected for this theme but Cathrine doesn’t want two towers in a page. I agree that it’s lame. hahaha~ I was glad that they like the way I enlarged their photos instead of just using the normal ratio.








She loved how the images were blended seamlessly (which the bridal house refuse to do, forcing her to agree with the blocky design with white space above). Honestly, it wasn’t like climbing Mt. Everest but I was glad that the photographer did a great job as it allows me room for such techniques.

Cathrine also mentioned that she loves magazine layouts. I wouldn’t want to make this page overly special by giving it a headline so I tried my best to come up with this, with only two photos. It was a gamble but I’m so lucky that they actually loved it~






I am the sort of person who really thinks that everyone deserve to have the chance to own something beautiful. Of course, It will not come for free but if you plan to (proudly) show it off to generations to come, I think having a perfectly-designed book is a good investment 🙂

Thank you Cathrine for giving me a chance to design something for you to treasure 😀

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