Tell A Tale was founded by Momowei on October, 2011 when she decided to leave her designer job at an international broadcast station for the things she enjoy doing in her life – be happy! Below is how a photo scrap-booking hobby became part of her vision to create happiness amongst people around her:

How did the idea of making an album into a storybook came to mind?


My dad got a terrible lecture from my mom for not remembering the places we visited only after 10 days~ I normally create albums but never a detailed travelogue. I was there during the entire trip, hence I thought why not create a travelogue for my dad – A travelogue that does not provide GPS coordinates and best places to eat, but a write up of how each city’s being remembered by me and my dad. The people, the jokes made, the candid shots, the toilets, the food; it’s like a printed blog.

I was glad to see my dad enjoying the book, reading it from page to page, word by word.

That smile. That’s what I want for all.

Why name it Tell A Tale.
Why not just Picture Album or Photo Book?


Well, because PhotoBook is already taken, LOL
But the truth is, I am not mainly providing printing services. I want to help you put a smile on every single person that viewed your album, to understand the flow of the content, just the way you want the story to be told. A photo may speak a million words, but if you put words onto it, it tells your story to the world~ and that is indeed Telling A Tale 🙂

There are gazillion photo album softwares available.
Why do we even need Tell A Tale?

I will not deny the fact that these softwares are truly amazing and user friendly! But what Tell A Tale offers is an enhanced version of what you have in mind, or even better 🙂 I can communicate (softwares can’t :p) and propose suitable themes and types of album, which save you lots of time, cracking your head to make you album visually attractive. I may be the one that gives you ideas but ultimately, it’s your photos and experiences that inspires me 🙂

Is it worth getting it designed by Tell A Tale?

A typical album, that consists of photos in boxes (and maybe with a few cursive writings at a corner) will be done viewing in, perhaps, 5 minutes? I guarantee that with Tell A Tale’s album, you will enjoy looking at the photos AND reading the story as well! The longer you hold on to your book, the more you will feel that it’s worth the money paid. Smiles and laughters are priceless.

So, do you still do conventional photo album designs?


Yes, of course I do. Customer’s requests are always first 🙂 But you can rest assured that the end product will definitely outshine what those softwares can offer.

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