Hello Ha Noi. Lovely Ha Long


Another travelogue presented in a comical way ^_^ This time around, I’ve taken the timeline element out of the book and the concept is really simple: Make it a book to show how I remember Hanoi and Halong Bay :-)

Wedding Slideshows for Wei Lun and Evonne


I don’t normally create slideshows but this was an exception: he is one of my best friends from hometown and he personally requested for me to do it for his wedding dinner last month.

Cathrine & Edison


If you are couple planning on a wedding, I am sure that some of you may come across some very frustrating situation while dealing with the photo selection process.

Meeting Avatar: Hunan


My second travelogue for my mom and dad ^_^ The first (My First Snowy Trip: Harbin) was wonderful so I’ve decided to make this an annual thing :D

Edward & Belle


This is a 40-page Wedding Day Gift for my lovely friend since childhood.

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